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Foreign Cabinet is a Splitting Images clone for the 1MB ZX Spectrum Next.

Most of the original game features have been included, with a fresh take on a modern set of clow...ehhr.. politicians.

Meet Kim, Theresa, Boris, Donald, Angela, David, Emmanuel, Vladimir and some more! Some of their best looking photos were handpicked and been torn to pieces. Can you put them back together? What could go wrong? Watch our for these sparkling bombs, and those weird bonus combinations, some do not match properly. And as always, time is of essence!

Loading screen is based on the awesome caricatures drawn by Donkey Hotey (donkeyhotey/flickr)

Coded in 2019 by Lampros Potamianos using Zeus-ish, Cspect and a 2A Next board. All coding, graphics and sound effects by Lampros Potamianos.

Foreign Cabinet title credits go to D!

This game is free, donations are welcome and appreciated!

Unzip the contents of the file into a new folder on your SD card and just run the .NEX file from the browser! If you choose to redefine the keys, a new file will be created on that folder so that the chosen control keys are loaded each time. 

There May (not a pun) be an update later on with some new faces, maybe the Next team, who knows?

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This is a fun little game... but I had some difficulties to understand how it should be played.

Since maybe others have the same difficulties, I leave below my findings:

- Left/Right/Up/Down moves our "cursor".

- When our "cursor" is inside the box with an arrow, and we press Fire, a new tile comes out. It can be a title belonging to the puzzle or something else like a package, a rocket, a diamond, etc.. The later can be used to position the puzzle tiles in an adequate place, but ultimately they must the sent way through one of the doors that frequently open in the walls.

- To move a tile, one should position the "cursor" on top of the tile, and then while pressing Fire it should press one of the directional keys to move it on that direction.

- There are some red marks that show up frequently on the walls that when touched by a moved title will  send them back to where they came.

- One of the objects that can come instead of a tile is a bomb. The bomb after some seconds will explode a steal us a live. Before that we should through the bomb through one of the doors that frequently open in the walls.

All in all I liked this game a lot. The politicians are very well drawn, and the mechanics of the game are quite effective. Since the tiles come up in a random way, this game even has a good re-playability.

Thank you for your comment! As this is a remake of Splitting images, it has the exact game mechanics as the original and I mistakenly assumed that everyone in the zx spectrum community had played the original game. 
To add a few things: Bombs can either be thrown out of an open door or deactivated with the water object. Other non picture tile objects can be matched for bonuses, these differ for each level. Matching a fuel can object with a match loses a life!